Connecting Suppliers to Customers

We are a new online service helping customers find suppliers like you!
Get relevant leads sent directly to your inbox!

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So how does it work?

how it works

  • A customer enters
    their details

    They enter what they need for the big day, their budget and the date of the wedding.

    This then get sent out to all the services that meet the customers needs

  • Your receive the

    This lead then arrives in your inbox with all the information the customer has provided.

    You can then purchase this lead for as little as £2.50.

  • You get in touch
    with them

    When you've purchased the lead, you will instantly have access to the customers contact details, leaving you free to get the ball rolling and start working with the happy couple!

Only want leads over £500? Then that's what you'll get. Just want customers within a 50 mile radius? You can control that too! All from your personalised dashboard.

more leads, less hassle

Becoming part of Wedding People, you can get access to 1000's of new customers sent straight to your emails inbox.

1000's of new customers